My first post & first week in University

Well, where to begin…

If you can read you’ve noticed that my name is Devin Sarges and I am from the great suburb of Etobicoke, in Toronto. I am an 18 year old male and I’m in my first year at Ryerson. I’m in the best program in the University, city, country and possibly world and I am beyond excited. That’s RTA by the way…

My life has changed a whole lot over it’s eighteen year duration, but a couple things have stayed the same. I’ve had my best friend since day one who’s never left my side and my family who’s always been there for me as well. The other thing that is more of an interest, that has never left, is sports. When I was a child and something was bothering me, I’d flip on the TV and flick to a hockey game, or Sportscentre. I’d sit there watching the game, or highlights and whatever was bothering me would go away. Sports transferred me to an alternate reality, where competition and the will to win and succeed were presented as the main focus. That will to succeed is still present in my life as nothing has ever came easy for me, I’ve always had to work extremely hard. 

In 2010, I suffered a huge loss, which I’m not going to discuss, but this event changed my life. I went through a lot of heartbreak, mourning and grieving but I came out of it; a man. I had to grow up a lot quicker than a lot of my friends and I now see University as a level playing field, where everyone has the same responsibilities that i have had for just over 3 years. 

Despite the hardship that was 2010, 2011 proved to hold some of my bette life experiences, once again, centred around sports. I travelled all through the states on a highly competitive baseball team. I saw things that I had never seen before, and it made me realize how lucky I was. 

Lucky… No, not to be traveling and playing a sport against some of the best American teams around, not that at all. I realized that I was lucky to be alive, lucky to be from Canada, lucky to have something to look forward to. So when I hurt both my knees in the last game, and I could no longer be a catcher at that level, and my dreams of College Baseball and the MLB were done; I kept moving forward. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard to let go, it most definitely was, but I remained focused, just on something different. 

I turned all my attention to school, and worked extremely hard for Grade 11 and 12 and got myself to University and into RTA. Sports stayed with me the whole time, and got me through some of the tougher times in my life. So now, my goals would be to have a job in media related to sports. Whether it’s anchoring Sportscentre and reading off highlights or calling play-by-play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. That is my new dream, and just like I worked to get where I am, I’ll work harder to get where I want to be. 


Coming into RTA, I had no idea what to expect. My initial thoughts were learning how to produce Radio & Television, but now i realize it is way more than that. 

I had no idea what Digital Media meant before my first lecture, I actually believed it was just video, but even then I wondered why it wouldn’t just be called video production. Anyways, that first lectured opened my eyes and I realized that Digital Media, is basically our lives. Any information we receive on an everyday basis comes from some aspect of Digital Media. The media that we produce, can change us, and we also change that media. I don’t believe our lives should revolve around media, i think the opposite is true, that media should revolve around our lives, adapting to how people live and interact. In RTA, it seems as though we are the innovators of the next generation of Digital Media, so that means we need to be well versed and informed. If we are supposed to build the future, we need to know the pros and cons of the past and present, so taking this course about Digital Media is integral to all RTA students. 

I already have a fair amount of experience with Digital Media, as previous to this year I was an avid Twitter user. I have almost 300 followers, which isn’t a lot compared to celebrity’s but it stacks up well to fellow teenagers of the opposite sex (girls) who have half of their body unclothed in their profile picture or those who tweet @justinbieber or @onedirection and call themselves beliebers. I have almost 13,000 tweets and I am extremely opinionated on twitter. I’ve had my fair share of rants, but I try to mostly tweet song lyrics that are stuck in my head or inspirational quotes. I love expressing my views through media as it lets me get a lot of things off my chest. I had a youtube vlog type show going for a while but I started to not have time to produce the videos, it is however, something I am interested in doing again. I love making people laugh and I could do that in those videos. I am looking forward to producing types of media that I haven’t had the chance to before. I have a very creative mind and I need new avenues to express that creativity. I believe that RTA can show me the way.

Why do I feel like I am rewriting my personal essay for the non-academic admission requirements… Hmm…

My short term goals from this program would be to get a job… No, seriously that’s the goal. However, I must say that one of my main principles in life is to do something that I love, so I have to love my job. It seems like no matter what job or career RTA can give me, it will be something I love… As for long term… I want to change the world… I am so tired of the ignorance and ungratefulness that I see everyday, and I want that to change. I’m just not sure how, yet… 

I expect to face many challenges on the road ahead, the main one would be that I don’t consider myself an technology expert. I know how to use technology and I am not impaired by it. I’m just not sure if I have enough prerequisite skill. Hwoever, that is exactly what I expect to achieve through this course, and this year. I believe I will be an expert at the end of this year and be able to carry that over my four years in the program and later life in the field.


That’s basically me… And BDC 192. 

I am like a kid in a candy store for the next year, and I will be sharing those experiences every week right here. 

So… Stay tuned….

It’s Sarge. And I’m out.


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